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      Christian Louboutin

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      Christian Louboutin Collection

      Instantly recognizable by the flash of a red sole, Christian Louboutin heels and boots are as iconic as they are coveted. The designer opened his first shop in Paris in 1992, offering handcrafted Italian-made shoes that quickly became classics thanks to their leg-lengthening power. With a number of collaborations under his belt, in addition to a men’s collection and line of cosmetics, Louboutin is more than just a pretty shoe. Men’s shoes and accessories by Christian Louboutin break barriers, while lip lacquers, fragrances, and more complete the look. Still, the classics remain Louboutin’s pumps, booties, and even flats, for women. Shop a selection of Christian Louboutin shoes, accessories, and cosmetics at Bergdorf Goodman.