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      Swimwear & Coverups

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      Contemporary Designer Swimwear & Coverups

      Looking for the latest styles in designer swimwear? Bergdorf Goodman has the perfect selection of stunning contemporary designer swimsuits and coverups in various colors and sizes. Enjoy the warm weather and swim in comfort at your favorite beach or pool. From one piece swimsuits to bikinis and coverups, Bergdorf Goodman’s covetable collection of designer swimwear offers you a perfect fit. Our meticulously crafted collection of swimwear is designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

      Bergdorf Goodman has a diverse collection of designer swimwear to meet your needs. Whether it is free-spirited, trendy, or modern, our selection of contemporary swimwear is a must have for your wardrobe collection. Shop Bergdorf Bergdorf Goodman’s selection of designer swimwear and coverups in attractive prints and colors from top designers.